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Turkey Talk Hunting – JD’s First Turkey Hunt

February 14, 2012  

Turkey Talk Hunting – JD’s First Turkey Hunt

By Tommy Darby


While standing behind an old fence row, a series of yelps triggered a gobble from a distance.  After a few minutes contemplating our next move we hit him with another series of calls.  This time his gobble was closer.  He was coming.  We scrambled back and decided to set up on the tree line along the fence.


April 15th, 2011 is a day that I won’t forget and neither will my cousin JD.  I am a novice turkey hunter and am thrilled anytime I get to go, but this day was special for another reason.  This was JD’s first turkey hunt.  A couple friends, Robert Abell and Rick Currence, invited us to tag along and attempt to get JD his first bird.  Robert and Rick are seasoned turkey hunters so the thought of tagging along with them had us fired up.  We meet them at 6:00 a.m. and the action was heart pounding from that point forward.  Now back to the story.

As we scrambled to get set up we spotted three birds truckin’ it across the field.  It was three jakes to be exact.  Rick was attempting to get a decoy out when he realized he was stuck.  Robert and JD were able to get set up on a tree but I was stuck somewhat out in the middle of this tree line.  Knowing that these birds were moving in fast we all sat tight.  The birds moved into the tree line at about 70 or 80 yards out.  I thought these birds were going to come right up the fence line so with me stuck out in the middle I was really going to be putting my Crossover Camo to the test.  It did its job and the birds moved out into the field, but they seemed to get hung up just outside of gun range.  They moved on and we regrouped.  My heart was pounding and I know JD was pumped.  Robert chuckled and said that when those birds were coming JD’s gun was just a shaking.  He told JD “alright buddy you gonna have to calm down” with a laugh.  JD was worried about missing and said, “If I miss you we’re gonna go again!”  No doubt he is hooked.  That’s what it’s all about right there!

We moved down the tree line and got set up on the back field that the birds exited.  With the decoy out and everyone set, Rick assumed the calling.  It was time for some turkey talk hunting. Within minutes the three Jakes stormed out of the opposite tree line like a freight train.  JD clicked off the safety and got ready.  They were headed straight at us.  We thought this would be quick, but as the birds topped the little knoll they seemed to hang up again.  They were gobbling like crazy but seemed to be weary of the decoy.  As they moved around just outside of gun range boy did they give us a show.  As we sat there I thought to myself that there isn’t a whole lot that beats listening to a turkey hammer out a gobble over and over.  These birds were definitely not shy about stretching their necks.  The birds finally moved out of the field.  Check out the video below.

Although JD didn’t get his first turkey that morning I could see the fire in his eyes when we headed home.  There was so much to soak in about that hunt that I know I will never forget and I’m 100% sure JD won’t either.  Being able to listening to Robert pound out the meanest owl hoot in Chester County without the assistance of a manufactured call was pretty neat.  Being able to listen to the reactions of the jakes to Rick’s yelps and purrs was also awesome to witness.  Thanks to Robert and Rick for the invite and awesome calling.   I had an absolute blast!  JD hasn’t quit talking about it so I know he’s hooked.  This should be fun!

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