Saturday, January 29, 2022

They’re at it again!!!

July 22, 2011  

I am sure that most Americans are ready for some governmental fiscal responsibility. In order to reduce government spending, most people understand that sacrifices are necessary and that many will be impacted one way or the other.

However, when government budgetary decisions are being haggled over, our elected officials have a tendency to use smoke and mirrors or swing the axe in areas that are the most politically expedient for them rather than what is best for the long haul. The Missouri State Chapter of the NWTF recently received an action alert from the Conservation Federation of Missouri concerning the Department of Interior and EPA appropriations bill that will be discussed next week. This bill includes a recommendation to cut the State and Tribal Wildlife Grant program by 75%. This governmental appropriation brings in $1.2 million to Missouri each year. The Missouri Department of Conservation divides this pie into several separate pieces, including the Wildlife Diversity Fund and the Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative grant program.  These dollars are matched 2 or 3 times with partner dollars, like our super fund, and the acres impacted are significant. What’s more, the ripple effect of these dollars support contracting jobs, resource professional jobs, jobs associated with recreation, as well as the intangibles of recreational opportunities enhanced; a very good investment. Once again, we appreciate the need for sacrifice and that cuts to programs, including this one, are probably necessary. However, it is important that these cuts do not unfairly fall on conservation funding.  There are much larger fish to fry, if our leaders are serious about putting America on better financial footing. A 75 percent cut to the State and Tribal Wildlife Grant program would render it ineffective; they may as well take it all. Taking a thinner slice from a wider range of programs would achieve the same result and be less harmful to all. I wish our elected officials would stop playing games and start being the men and women we thought we sent there. Wake up America; your future is in the process of being squandered. Let's not let our turkey hunting disappear, contact your representatives!


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