Saturday, January 29, 2022

Missouri Poult Production is UP!!!

August 25, 2011  

A full brood searching for insects has been a more common sight in Missouri this summer than in the last 5…that’s a VERY good thing!!!Although the numbers are still a bit preliminary, it’s looking like Missouri may be finally starting to turn the corner on what has been an unusual “dry spell” in turkey hunting production over the last five or six years. The irony of our reproductive “dry spell” is that it has largely been at the hands of “unusually” wet weather at exactly the wrong time. Continuous rains during the nesting season leads to increased nest loss because wet hens smell and attract unwanted attention.  The historically most productive regions of the state, northeastern and northwestern Missouri, have seen harvest declines of more than 40% since 2004 due to the poor production. Missouri turkey hunting folks were definitely starting to get anxious. Although we had a lot of rain this spring in April and early May, early reports suggest that the faucet may have shut off early enough to start a bit of a comeback.  For the last five years the statewide poult to hen ratio was at or just slightly above 1.0 (not good). This year a lot of folks are encouraged by what they are seeing and the preliminary numbers suggest MUCH better production than what we had been seeing. Although we will definitely be ahead of where we’ve been production wise in Missouri, it may still be a bit early to crack open the Champaign.  We will need at least one or two more good years to make up for the last 5 bad years, but it sure feels good to be heading back towards “Missouri Normal” turkey hunting production for a change!


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