Thursday, October 28, 2021

Change is good!

September 14, 2011  

In states that allow you to print your own tags, sandwich your paper tag between 2 peices of contact paper and it will be tear and weather resistant.My favorite time of year has finally made it here! The triple digit temperatures are behind us and my son and I have already christened the fall hunting season with a couple of limits of doves. Here in Missouri, bow season will open before the week is out. This year hunters are being thrown a new curve in relation to permit options.  The season structure, limits and similar regulations have remained mostly the same but the piece(s) of paper you need to have on you have changed. This year, hunters in Missouri will have an “e-permit” option available to them and, as with any change, there will be resistance.  Some folks just have to find all of the faults.  I guess driving half way across the county, standing in long lines and tolerating computer glitches just has to be part of the process for some folks. I’ve just pointed out some of the more obvious pluses to the system. If you have access to a computer and a printer (who doesn’t these days) you can be street legal in the amount of time it takes you to connect to the link below, tab through the process, and hit print. Some folks may be a bit concerned about the fact that their turkey hunting tag is printed on standard paper – meaning, not very durable and easily ruined. Here’s one idea I came up with that you may find useful. I went to Walmart the other day and bought some “tagging supplies,” which most folks probably already have laying around the house. These supplies included a roll of contact paper, a hole punch, zip ties and a package of eyelets. The whole thing cost me about $6.00 and I think I probably have about a lifetime supply. I printed my tags and covered them front and back with contact paper, which makes them waterproof and virtually untearable.   I added the eyelet feature on mine since the tag no longer has the sticky side provided by the state tag. This will let me attach the tag to my deer or turkeys with a zip tie and I won’t have to worry about it tearing off. I like this e-permit option, like the move away from check stations; this is a significant hunter convenience as well as a significant savings to the agency. Once fully operational, an e-permit system will eliminate the cost of permit machines, tag paper and other related expenses. This money can then be diverted to services more directly related to improving the management of the resources you and I depend upon to accentuate the quality of our lives.


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